About SH

At a well-attended and historic Public Conference on 31 March 2007, 110 residents, from around 44 local organisations, unanimously agreed to launch a Sustainable Haringey network. They pledged to work for changes urgently needed in our borough if our communities and society as a whole are to survive the growing environmental crises – especially global climate change – caused by modern industrial practices and lifestyles reliant on non-renewable and polluting fossil fuel sources.

The foundingSustainability Statement

Our lives, our communities and our society should be sustainable for generations to come.
We support the development of a Sustainable Haringey network. The network will promote and encourage:

  • sustainable energy policies in all areas of society (including reduced general usage, and maximum use of renewable, non-fossil fuels and self-generated sources)
  • reduced consumption and waste, and the maximum re-usage and recycling
  • sustainable travel (including more walking and cycling, better public transport and less motorised traffic)
  • local production of food and other necessary goods and services and appropriate allocation and sharing of limited resources
  • protection and improvements to green spaces and natural habitats
  • strong local communities, community spirit and mutual aid
  • decision-making based on the maximum involvement of people, and on the long term needs of our communities and the environment

We will aim for a healthier, happier and more informed population with a much greater community focus and active involvement in all local affairs.

The Statement was agreed unanimously at the end of the conference. It was agreed to ask all local organisations to sign-up to the Statement.

Why not join in, or send us a message of support? info@SustainableHaringey.org.uk

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