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If you would like future events to be included in these monthly emails, please email Joyce at

If you would like future events to be included in these monthly emails, please email Joyce at
joyce.rosser13@gmail.comJoin our Facebook Page for updates, and feel free to post your events and information.

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Because of the Covid lockdown and the coming of Christmas we haven’t got information on any Haringey environmental meetings or events (online or in the flesh) happening in December but important things are still going on.

Firstly, Haringey has lots of practical environmental/gardening projects. Under lockdown rules people are allowed to go out to volunteer. We have listed a few of these below but there are also active Friends groups in most Haringey parks

Stonebridge Lock Coalition

Frances Dismore, Chair Stonebridge Lock Coalition
Twitter: @StonebridgeLock


Projects such as Westbury Banks Nature Reserve; Wood Green Library.
Luke ‘Duke’ Newcombe, #GrowN22

The Conservation Volunteers

TCV Haringey run a range of practical activities in nature reserves, parks and woodlands across the borough every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. New volunteers are welcome, no previous experience necessary. For further details, see or contact Mat at

Secondly, the lockdown has seen a massive growth in local mutual aid groups. We have given details of two schemes below. Haringey Council website has details of many others

Very best wishes for Christmas and a, hopefully, brighter New Year.
Convenor, Sustainable Haringey Network

12-3pm at Lordship Hub EVERY THURSDAY

Hot food offer (vegetarian option) plus breakfast food package to take away.
For all who are struggling in these hard times.


I am reaching out to you because you provide a service for vulnerable people in Haringey. My name is Becky and I am a volunteer for Streets Kitchen, a grass roots group that provides solidarity to members of the community through food, love and conversation. We are currently running on SUNDAYS  @4 @Seven Sisters station.
Everyone in the community is welcome. We have hot meals, cakes, support, advice, conversation, music, hygiene packs, PPE, DOPE magazine, wolly hats and anything else we get donated. We hope to add another day of the week as more volunteers are inducted! We would like to ask if you could spread the word to the people you support. We are especially concerned about people experiencing homelessness that are currently sleeping on friends sofas or on the street!

Here is a copy of our poster and I have also attached a PDF version. Please  print it share, and stick on your window. The team at street kitchen would be eternally grateful!!!

I have also attached a document we made with emergency info for people rough sleeping, so feel free to share this around also! There are so many incredible people working to support residents of Haringey and it would be great if we could collaborate and find ways to work together. If you are interested in working with us please reply explaining how your service is running in light of Covid-19. We can then spread the word about your service in return.
Also, the council has information for rough sleepers for your reference.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for ways we can work together,
I am happy to speak over the phone if you have questions or suggestions.

Keep on keeping on superhumans,

Lots of love,

All of the Streets Kitchen Haringey team.