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Actions and Events

7th and 8th September
Downhills Park, Turnpike Lane and The Green Lanes Parade

The Extinction Rebellion North London Uprising

This is a host of organised activities ; including non-violent direct action training, a consent workshop, a diversity panel and a children’s citizen’s assembly.

If you want a taste of what peaceful rebellion looks like, come to the North London uprising, led in large part by members of our very own Haringey XR. 

20th September.
Global Climate Strike

From 7 October 2019
Next wave of global XR actions.

⛵️ Tell the Truth – Turnpike Lane
Join us in reclaiming the streets of North London! Bring a plant to Turnpike Lane station and help us make Green Lanes green again. Print your clothes at the art blocking station. Share your ideas in the demands tent. Listen to our speakers and local musicians. Look out for a hint of pink…

🌳 Act Now – Downhills Park
The heart of our uprising. This is your chance to get trained up for the next Rebellion. You can expect the Heading for Extinction talk, panels on climate grief, animal agriculture, fast fashion and diversity, yoga classes, lots of family activities on Sunday, people’s and children’s assemblies, Affinity Group formation training, amazing local bands and much more! Feel free to bring your tent and stay overnight.

🎷 Rebel for Life – The Green Lanes Parade (Sunday 5:30pm)
A celebration of the London Uprisings that will highlight the strength of our communities. Bring drums, shakers, instruments, flags and lots of rebellious energy! We will march down Green Lanes from Turnpike Lane to Manor House where we will hold a closing ceremony.

Full timetable and line-up to be announced soon.
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Extinction Rebellion (XR) hit the headlines late last year with their call for civil  disobedience to draw attention to the climate crisis.  Citing the suffragist, civil rights and other movements, they say that the time has come for similar tactics for the climate. Many movements have been successful when using peaceful civil disobedience, so they call on one and all to join them to demand that action is taken on the climate crisis.

The civil disobedience movement started in London in October 2018 but now has spread across all the continents of the globe.

There was a large ‘uprising’ in April, where over thousand, otherwise law abiding, people were arrested for blocking roads and infrastructure. Through that action, tens of thousands of people heard about XR, joined up themselves, and are now ready to take part in the next wave starting 7 October 2019.

If you’d like to volunteer with other Haringey people to help on the weekend, please fill out this short form:

Please consider making a donation to help put on your North London Uprising event – this is the fundraiser page

Extinction Rebellion’s demands are simple – the government must:
1 – Tell the Truth
2 – Act Now and cut emissions to net zero by 2025
3 – Set up a ‘Citizen’s Assembly’ to lead government on climate issues, in recognition that our current version of democracy has failed to bring about the necessary action for a safe future.

XR is a global movement, visit their homepage here that gives details of the organisation and the actions that are being planned!

What we do in the next few months makes a massive difference for life on the planet. It’s our generation’s time to act and everyone is welcome; everyone is needed. 
We hope to see you on the streets! 🙂